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Upholstery Repairs

Upholstery – Woven Fabrics

Individual damaged panels can be replaced. We can fully reupholster sofas and chairs (you may supply your own fabric if you wish). Broken stitching, zips, Velcro etc. can also be repaired or replaced.

Antique Furniture Restoration

We can reupholster valuable antique chairs, including rebuilding of internal upholstery fillings and fibres.

Upholstery Filling Replacement

When your old sofa and chairs start to become saggy and uncomfortable, don't replace them, restore them for a fraction of the price. We can replace or replenish existing cushion fillings making them look new in appearance and feel.

Foam seat cushions can be renewed or replaced using a harder or softer grade if desired. Polyester fibre, which is commonly used in sofa back cushions and sometimes in seat cushions, can be ‘topped up' or replaced to reduce bagginess caused by use.

You do not need to replace an old five-piece sectional just because the materials it is made of shows signs of wear. Furniture Medic® can strip and replace the foam or other fillings with materials that meet or exceed your standards, often for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire set.

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