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Leather Furniture Repair and Restoration

Common problems with leather furniture can include colour loss when household products like paint, nail varnish, ink and cleaning products are spilled in it. Usually, the colour can be restored using special pigments, which are coloured to match your leather. The colours will then be sealed in using a protective topcoat finish. Our trained technicians can also repair other problems such as rips, scratches, broken stitching and broken frames.
Leather Colour Restoration

Placing your leather sofa next to a heat source such as radiators, and fires can dry out the natural oils causing the leather to crack. The ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight over a period of time will cause fading.

Our technicians can replace the individual panels that make up your leather sofa or chairs. A colour-matched piece of leather can be stitched into place after removing the damaged piece.

Leather Scratch Repairs

Sharp objects like buckles, shoes and pets can cause small scuffs, cuts and scratches. These can be repaired using our precision leather repair and colour matching techniques.

If left unrepaired, areas of broken stitching will get worse. Using various traditional techniques, broken stitching (including decorative stitching) can be repaired by hand.

To minimise inconvenience smaller repairs are quite often carried out on site.

Upholstery Filling Replacement

The filling in a sofa or chair that has had a lot of use can become flat. Modern leather sofas are commonly bolted together – our technicians can easily dismantle them to allow the addition of extra fillings to the seat, back and arm cushions.

Leather Furniture Repairs and Restoration Leather Furniture Repair