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Furniture Frame & Structural Repairs

Sitting on the arms of your sofa may cause distortion of the wooden rails, or cause the boards inside to crack. These can be replaced. Broken spring rails and other wooden framework can also be replaced or repaired.

You don't need to replace a chair just because of missing castors, broken legs and feet. These parts can be repaired or replaced. Cross-threaded fittings can be replaced.

Repairs can be made to the wooden frame of a recliner as well as upholstered or wooden headboards.

Spring Replacements and Adjustments

Broken or stretched springs in sofa seats are uncomfortable to sit on. Serpentine or zigzag springs can be replaced or refitted, and traditional coil springs can be re-set or lashed. Large coil sprung units, which may begin to sag after several years can be re-tightened, and the elastic webbing used in some modern furniture can be renewed.

Replacement and Adjustment of Mechanisms

Recliner mechanisms are prone to working loose over a period of time. Excessive play or malfunction in a mechanism may mean that the complete metal unit might need to be replaced or it may just need adjusting.

Recliner cables can become detached from their levers or at the mechanism. These can be easily re-fitted. If the problem is due to the cable being stretched or broken, then the cable may need to be replaced.

Furniture Medic can also help with spring replacement and adjustments or mechanism repairs, so contact your local Furniture Medic today at 1-800-263-5928 or 905-670-0000.

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